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UK's Kalender

Here you'll find in brief the most important features of "UK's Kalender". The complete manual is available here.

"UK's Kalender" is a MS Windows program intended to remind you of upcoming events and todos. There are several views for your dates that are organized similar to a calendar sheet. Dates and appointments can be entered into the calendar via an input form.You can enter a forewarn time, so as long as "UK's Kalender" is running in the background you'll be reminded of your dates as soon as the forewarn time is reached.

Independent from the calendar function there is also a todo list where you can enter tasks with a deadline and a forewarn time. If the forewarn time is reached, "UK's Kalender" will inform you of the due tasks with symbols and colors.

The program was tested under the MS Windows versions 98SE, 2000 and XP.

What "UK's Kalender" can do?

  • Automatic saving - Any changes to the database are automatically and immediately saved to disk. On every program start, a backup copy of your data file is created.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo - Most changes can be undone and also repeated.
  • Minimize to the system tray - "UK's Kalender" minimizes into the system tray (the area next to the system clock).
  • Network support - "UK's Kalender" supports a shared event file, where every user can enter events that'll show up in each other user's calendar. For using the network functions it is neither required to install special server software nor to keep the computer with the shared event file permanently running. "UK's Kalender" will synchronize the local event file as soon as the shared event file is accessible.
  • Repeating events - There are lots of possibilities for entering repeating events, e.g. hourly, every three days, monthly, every first tuesday of the month or even every friday the 13th.
  • Forewarn time and snooze function - Each event can be assigned a user defined forwarn time in the range from one minute to several weeks. In the reminder dialog you can enter a time after that you'll be reminded again. Alternatively you can choose to be reminded again a certain time before the event.
  • Multi day events - Events can have a duration from one minute to several days (or no duration at all, but just a start date).
  • Event categories and templates - Events can be organized into categories, e.g. "Doctor", "Meeting", "Party" and so on. Each category is assigned a template of settings, including repetition rate and forewarn time.
  • Acoustic reminders - You can choose to be reminded of an event with a WAV file of your choice.
  • Event driven program execution and document opening - Documents or programs can be attached to an event. This is very handy for e.g. regular backup purposes.
  • Marking and hiding events - Special events may be either color marked or hidden.
  • Four event views - Events can be displayed in week-, fortnight-, month- or year-view.
  • Tooltips for events and todos - If you stop the mouse over a calendar date or a todo, extended info is shown for the events and todos.
  • Alarms can be deativated - Alarms may be deactivated all at once, so your game, film etc. won't be interrupted.
  • Highly configurable display for events and todos - All views can easily be configured to present the information just the way you want.
  • Search and filter functions - You can search for and filter out your events using keywords, categories, event states or date ranges. The filter function directly affects all output functions, so you can easily create e. g. a calendar only containing birthdays.
  • Clipboard support - Events and todos can be copied to the clipboard and may be pasted back to any word processor or "UK's Kalender" itself.
  • Export to HTML- and CSV-format - Events and todos can be exported to HTML-format in different views. With this you can easily print your dates and todos. Export to CSV-format allows the transfer of your data to a spreadsheet program. All activated filter options are applied to the output.
  • Holidays - Holidays for one or more countries can be displayed right in the calendar. Various holiday modules are available. If your country is missing, you can simply define a holiday module yourself.

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